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Coins Energy
Invest: $70
ROI: $6 ( 8.57% )
Last paid: 21 Nov,2017
Monitored: 23 Days
Min deposit: $0.001 btc
Max deposit: $
Referral: https://coinsenergy.com/?37412
Withdrawal: automatic

Bitcoin investment - 1% paid every 3 hours (8% daily)
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All things in the Universe are made from one basic substance - energy. Every proton, every subatomic particle in the nuclear of atoms is all the energy. Everything is in an endless process of creation and everything in creation is connected to everything else. Based on this fundamental vision, we created “Energy Sheres” - the most comprehensive and global thinking, self-organizing artificial neural trading network ever developed by human beings. Each cryptocurrency, each asset has its “own energy sphere” which is produced by all conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, words, rumors, fears and hopes of mankind related to that asset. Indeed, man creates both positive and negative energies to become collective energy streams.
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21 Nov,2017 - 03:11:27
E-mail: xxx@hyiprevenue.com
IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Paid to hyiprevenue.com and Ranked 2017-11-21,Thanks Admin!
Amount: $6

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